I.3 Institute: Inquiry, Intention & Innovation

Cultivating Curiosity. Planning for Complexity. Being Together, Not The Same. 

At the I.3 Institute, we are INTENTIONALLY focused on providing high-quality design and consultation services centered around what IS ALREADY WORKING in your eco-system and collaboratively designing empowerment approaches to learning and leading with young children. 

We offer INNOVATIVE services and support pertaining to: 

- Equity-based Theoretical & Conceptual Framing

- Developmentally, Culturally & Linguistically Responsive (DCLR) Practices

- Design Thinking, Strategic Planning & Systems Development 

- Professional Learning Systems Design & Facilitation 

I.3 Institute Service Structures: (* English, Spanish, Cantonese) 

  • Workshop Facilitation & Design
  • On-site Instructional Coaching
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) - Teachers
  • Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) - Administrators
  • Team Meeting Facilitation & Design 

I.3 Institute also offers services related to: 

- ECE Fiscal & Contract Management (State, Federal & Local) 

- Pedagogical Documentation & Presentation  Prep/Support 

- Events Management & Coordination 

- Strategic Planning 

- Board Development & Enrollment Campaigns 

- Tailored Offerings Based on Client Need